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May 7, 2014
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October 22, 2018

Here is Why The Offord Brand the Next Big Thing in The Apparel World

Live life as your true self and bring positivity in your life – rest assured sky is the limit for you!

Living life as your true self, living life to its fullest or most important of all, living a dedicated life is only conceivable with a positive mindset & attitude. Ever wondered why so many people are unable to accomplish their life goals and dreams? According to experts, lack of positive attitude is one of the main reasons that lead towards an unwanted failure.

We are what we eat, right? Well, we can also say that we are what we wear. There is no denying that wearing the right clothes can have a positive impact on a person’s personality. In the end, the thing that matters the most is what makes you comfortable.

Clothes are a perfect medium thatdepicts one’s personality. They are more than just fabrics that cover our body.

Clothes have a way of telling a lot about person’s personality. Let it be positive thoughts, an eye for abstract prints or even a bold or lively personality, clothes portray a clear picture of a person’s nature. Given the fact that we wear what compliments our personality, we have always underestimated the importance of clothes in our lives. Needless to say, they are more than just fabrics that cover our body.

The aforementioned point is highlighted in an impeccable manner by a lifestyle brand with immense potential called ‘The Offord Brand’. As a matter of fact, the brand not only emphasized on the point of living life as one’s true self but also ensured that their items stay true to the brand’s vision – Live Life Loyal.

About The Offord Brand

Established in 2017, the main idea behind creating a lifestyle apparel brand was to encourage people to live their lives according to their personalities. As free human beings, everyone deserves to live according to his or her terms and this is what spurred the idea to create a lifestyle apparel brand that depicts a positive aspect of a person’s character.

The CEO of The Offord Brand, Allen B. Offord, Jr is a US Army veteran that served more than 26 years of active federal service. He was inducted into the US Army Transportation Corps Hall of Fame in 2017 and was recently selected by The Technology Headline Magazine as one of the 50 most admired CEOs of 2017. It goes without saying that The Offord Brand is headed by a person who is passionate and utterly dedicated to his work.

What Distinguishes TheOfford Brand from Others?

The brand did not go with the option of creating ‘catchy’ lifestyle gear like so many other brands out there. Instead, it decided to stick to its vision of creating items that boost inner confidence and propel people to take a leap forward (it is something that makes it a really unique brand in an already saturated market).

Every item is specifically designed to fulfill the purpose of inciting, inspiring, and influencing positivity in a person. The lifestyle apparel is designed for every person who is on his/her quest to find success, it is for every person who wants the most out of his/her life, and it is especially for those people who want their gear to depict their personality. It is a revolutionary brand that is not focusing on what is pleasing on the eyes, instead, the main emphasis is on lifestyle gear that a person can comfortably wear with the sheer realization that it can change someone else’s life as well.

Items That Instigate Positivity

At The Offord Brand, there is an extensive range of trendiest items that one can choose from. The brand ensures that only premium-quality products are delivered to its esteemed customers. To ensure that absolute satisfaction and quality is provided to the customers,every product is fully custom made by a group of dedicated professionals. The wide range of trendiest fashion items comprises of:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Tops
  • In-trend dresses
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • i9 bags
  • Hats/Caps
  • Phone cases
  • Kid apparel
  • Women apparel
  • And other accessories

How is The Offord Brand Making a Change?

The brand not only promotes positivity through its inspiring products, but it also took a great step towards making a change in the society as well. The CEO, an army veteran, wanted to support and pay homage to the heroes of the country. That is why a portion of each sale goes to support disabled veterans and wounded warrior organizations across the local community. Inarguably, it is a step of immense magnitude.

The Offord Brand has given a new dimension to online shopping. It not only motivates to live as per yourself but also to make a positive change in lives of others as well.

One can say that the brand is trying its best to create an environment that encourages growth, self-belief, trust, and most important of all, great mental attitude.

All in all, it is safe to say that The Offord Brand is a pleasant inclusion in the online apparel shopping world. It has all the traits to become the best brand but that can only happen if everyone starts embracing a positive lifestyle. Let’s not forget that the message of the brand is to ‘Live Life Loyal’, therefore, if you want to get the most out of your life then what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity with your both hands!

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